Google Analytics Backend

Package Requirements

Required packages:

  • google-api-python-client
  • openssl
  • httplib2

store configuration and model


Google Analytics bakend uses Service Account access type to the Google API. Required is Email address and the public key file.

To get the required credentials go to the Google Developers Console, then APIs & auth and then select Credentials. If you don’t have a key already press the Create New Client ID button and select Service Account option. Don’t forget to download the private key file.


The email address you need is the email address generated for the Service Account, not your account email address.

Add the generated service account email address to the list of permissions in the Account User Management in the Google Analytics Admin page.


type is ga

  • email (required) – email address of the service account
  • key_file (required) – path to a private key file of the service account
  • account_id – ID of the account to be used
  • account_name – name of the account to be used
  • web_property – web property ID (first will be used by default)
  • view_id – Reporting view (profile) ID (first will be used by default)
  • category – category of cubes (property and view name will be used as default)
  • default_start_date – start date to be used if no bottom date range is specified. Format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • default_end_date – end date to be used if no end date is specified. Format: yyyy-mm-dd.

Specify either account_id or account_name, not both. If none is specified then the first account in the account list is used.


type: ga
key_file: key.p12
web_property: UA-123456-7


Google Analytics backend generates the model on-the-fly using the Analytics API. You have to specify that the provider is ga not the static model file itself:

    "provider": "ga"